Here's What Our Clients' Are Saying About STWM!

The main conclusion is that this process has made us understand and believe that there were still quite a few productivity growth possible within the team. Structured Time & Workflow Management’ is the direct reason for the start-up of a reorganization/ optimization of our team “successions”, based on elements from Cohen Browns conceptual clock. We are now a true believer and STWM does exactly what is promised, give people time back to work more efficient, decreases the stress level even in a difficult period of illness and a huge increase of to be handled files and supported us to be more focused and concentrated on the tasks we have to do.

Gunnar Hendrickx
Head of Customers & Accounts
Marketing & Sales Support
Bpost Bank

With implementation of STWM we were gaining back an average of 6 hours and 15 minutes per week per employee. That’s fantastic!

One of the key indicators which can’t be measured was a decrease in personal stress and an increase in my personal productivity.

We have seen a correlation to improved sales and service results and increased employee satisfaction. We are really excited to roll out STWM more broadly.

Since completing STWM, my days have gone from chaotic, disorganized, and disappointing to organized, goal oriented, and less stressful. I’m able to get tasks completed more easily and communicate to my team what I am doing in a more positive and effective way.

I was able to listen to more calls and get better insight into what my reps are actually doing.