The STWM Solution

The goal of the STWM program is to create time surplus, alleviate distress, learn lessons to utilize the time surplus for completing critical tasks, construct actionable implementation plans, and increase confidence and job satisfaction. The program's features include:

Time Locking

Requires the Time Bandit to agree to provide blocks of time during which the Time Bandit victim will not be interrupted.

Training the Time Bandits

Communication arts and skills for negotiating with the Time Bandit and gracefully articulating the benefits of Time Locking to the Time Bandit.

Focal Locking

Teaches to concentrate by bearing down on the task at hand to avoid the compulsion of distractions that would otherwise ruin the Time Lock.

Critical Few vs. the Minor Many

The use and application of the 80/20 Rule becomes the compass and the roadmap for knowing what’s critical and what’s not.

Important vs. Urgent

Because we often make the mistake of perceiving what’s critical to others is also critical to us, we must take into account this lesson when we do our 80/20 analysis.

Batch Processing

When the Critical Few and the Minor Many are determined, it’s clear that if we perform Minor Many tasks that are homogeneous and repetitive in a batch, the momentum we generate from doing so, would allow us to complete the tasks quicker and more accurately.

Hard vs. Easy

We can do almost anything when we have the energy and almost nothing when we suffer from fatigue and exhaustion. Therefore, it is critical to know how to plan around our biorhythmic cycles.

Step by Step Implementation Action Plan

No one would consider building a home or starting a business without a good set of plans that have just the right protocol.

Mutual Charter Agreement (MCA)

The time bandit and the victim enter into a MCA wherein performance commitments by the Victim are made in exchange for the Time Bandit's cooperation with Time Locking and Focal Locking.

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